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About the Antarctic Digital Database

The Antarctic Digital database (ADD) is a compilation of medium scale topographic data for the continent of Antarctica. It is derived from a wide variety of sources, and aims to provide the best currently available data in all areas. However, users should note that the resolution of the data varies widely. The most detailed information is taken from maps compiled at a scale of 1:10,000 (i.e. a resolution of approximately 5 m); the least detailed from sources with a resolution of at best 5 km. The lowest resolution data are, however, from the great ice sheets where the relief is very low, and where higher resolution data would not be useful.

The ADD is hosted by the British Antarctic Survey.

Access the Data

Main portal: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

About the Data

The ADD is available free of charge for personal, non-profit use. Users must, however, register for use of the ADD; personal details given in the registration process will not be passed to third parties, and will only be used to contact users in the event of upgrades and improvements to the service, and in statistical analyses to support and improve the ADD.

Users may not, without further permission, redistribute the data or use the data in a commercial product. Prices for commercial licenses for the ADD are available at costs based on the nature and volume of publication; please follow the link in the menu bar at the left.