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About Astrophysics at the NSSDC


NSSDC is a partner of NASA's other astrophysics "active archives" in making astrophysics data accessible. LAMBDA at Goddard makes cosmic microwave background data network-accessible. Other long-wavelength data are available from IRSA at Caltech. Optical and UV data are accessible from MAST at STScI. X-ray and gamma ray data are available from HEASARC at Goddard.

Access the Data

Related - the main NSSDC website:


Astrophysics at NSSDC contains datasets in the following categories:

Data Services

  • Multiwavelength Milky Way
  • Multimedia Catalog
  • NSSDC Photo Gallery

Flight Mission Information

  • Listing of flight missions and information: NSSDC Master Catalog pathways and mission specific archive access
  • Graphical interface to mission information

Related Information Services

  • NSSDC Master Catalog: Detailed information about data held at NSSDC
  • NSSDC Lunar and Planetary Science
  • NSSDC Heliophysics

Other NASA Data Archive/Service Centers

  • HEASARC (High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center)
  • IRSA (Infrared Science Archives)
  • LAMBDA (Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis)
  • MAST (Multimission Archive at STScI)
  • MSC (Michelson Science Center)
  • NASA ADS (Astrophysics Data System)
  • NED (NASA Extragalactic Database)