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About the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

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CEH’s monitoring activities

CEH is involved with monitoring activities at over 180 sites across Great Britain. These include 88 lowland sites, 44 upland sites, 33 freshwater sites and 130 terrestrial sites. Many broad habitat types are represented including forests, heaths, wetlands, coastal areas and lowland lakes. For more on CEH's monitoring activities, please click here.

CEH Data Holdings

CEH hosts a wealth of environmental information gathered over decades of environmental monitoring and research. This information covers a wide range of nationally and often globally unique long-term datasets. CEH’s skills in information management enable these datasets to be used for integrated environmental science.

Environmental Information Data Centre

CEH hosts the Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), which both coordinates CEH data activities and is the NERC Data Centre for the Terrestrial and Freshwater Sciences. The aim of the EIDC is to give researchers access to the coordinated data resources and informatics tools needed to find answers to complex, multidisciplinary environmental questions.

CEH Information Gateway

The new CEH Information Gateway enables users to find out about datasets held by EIDC and, in some cases, view datasets on a map or download them directly. CEH is working to add further datasets to the CEH Information Gateway over the next few years.

Access the Data


Contents of Data

Major datasets and facilities hosted by CEH:

  • Biological Records Centre
  • CEH Data Dictionaries
  • CORINE Land Cover Map
  • Countryside Survey 2007
  • Land Cover Map 2007
  • Land Cover Map 2000
  • Land Cover Map 1990
  • National River Flow Archive
  • National Water Archive
  • NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre (NEBC)
  • Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme
  • UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
  • UK Environmental Change Network
  • UK National Focal Centre for Critical Loads Modelling
  • UK Phenology Network