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What is CrunchBase?


CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. Here, you can learn and edit everything about companies like YouTube, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and Digg. Search companies in CrunchBase by location. Browse Startup Offices.

CrunchBase has downloadable CSV sheets containing statistics on businesses, people, and financial organizations.

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Semantic CrunchBase


There is a semantic interface to CrunchBase called "Semantic CrunchBase". It provides an RDF/SPARQL interface.

This site provides:

  • a Linked Data version of CrunchBase entries: TechCrunch, Facebook, The Founders Fund, ...
  • a SPARQL endpoint
  • Pimp My CrunchBase API: Define your own (parameterized) API methods (e.g. "All round-X investments in the last Y months", "Early-stage competitors of X with less than Y employees", "Startups by former employees of X", Your Idea Here)
  • a Faceted Browser
  • a Twitter Bot that replies to "Pimp My API" commands via twitter
  • a Ubiquity Script for CrunchBase lookups from anywhere

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