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About Dynamite

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Dynamite is a code generating language whose main purpose is to produce efficient code for dynamic programming. Dynamic programming is used throughout sequence analysis in a variety of different guises (sequence alignment, gene prediction etc). Dynamite is used extensively by myself (Ewan Birney), in particular for the Wise2 package.

Dynamite itself is probably of interest to a small number of people, who are quite skilled programmers that want to make new algorithms. However the programs developed by Dynamite are potentially useful for many different people.

The production of Dynamite has necessitated two other developments:

  • Firstly Dynamite has an internal "object" concept it uses. Dynamite is not a full OOP language, but rather can be classified as an Object based language. This is very useful for me internally, and may be useful for other people. In particular one development in this object model is to provide glue into Perl of the Dynamite objects.
  • Secondly Dynamite requires a run-time library to link to. This run time library is designed inside Dynamite's object model, which provides a consistent way of handling objects. The run-time library does contain things which are very dynamite specific but alot of the code is generic sequence handling, codon handling etc.

Access the Software


This software is provided by the European Bioinformatics Institute.