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ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey


The Online Digitized Sky Surveys (DSS1 & 2) server at the ESO/ST-ECF Archive provides access to the CD-ROM set produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute through its Guide Star Survey group. Other versions of DSS are available from the STSci - DSS form and the CADC - DSS form.

The entire DSS1 and DSS2 data are stored on magnetic disks. Retrieval time takes less than 5 seconds for any field less than 20 arcmin in size. Please read also the description of the ESO/ST-ECF DSS application.

A client to access the DSS-1 and DSS-2 at ESO directly from your computer (without Web browser) is available from here. The client can also be used in batch mode.

An implementation of the Simple Image Access Protocol (SIAP, an IVOA standard) is also available. Check the service metadata.

News & Updates

DSS2-red: now 66 DVDs on-line (98% of the sky) DSS2-blue: now 34 DVDs on-line (45% of the sky) DSS2-infrared: now 19 DVDs on-line (27% of the sky)

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Dataset Access

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