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FreeLunchlogo.gif is a free service provided by Moody's, a leading independent provider of economic, financial, country, and industry research that helps businesses, governments, and professional investors worldwide meet their diverse planning and information needs.

Moody's databases contain more than 165 million economic, financial, and demographic time series covering more than 180 countries and their sub-regions. Accuracy and timeliness are two of the hallmarks of Moody's economic databases. Their dedicated Data Services staff regularly runs data accuracy routines to verify the integrity of their databases. Additionally, with offices in London, Sydney, and the U.S. the staff is able to update the global databases in real-time ensuring up-to-the-minute data.

Access the Data

Contents of the Data

Consumer Markets

  • Auto Sales, Retail Sales

International Trade

  • Balance, Exports, Imports


  • Households, Migration, Population

Labor markets

  • Employment, Unemployment

Flow of Funds

  • Business, Households

Money, Credit & Interest rates

  • Consumer, Mortgage


  • Consumption, GDP, Investment


  • Consumer, CPI, PPI


  • Budget, Spending

Real Estate

  • Completions, Sales, Starts

Income & Earnings

  • Corporate, Personal


  • Crime, Education


  • Inventories, Orders, Production

Stock Markets & Foreign Currency

  • Equity markets, Exchange rates