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About the Geoscience Australia Program


Provided by the Australian Government, the Geoscience Australia Program. Their activities cover onshore, offshore and spatial information.

Onshore activities focus on enhancing mineral exploration and environmental land-use planning. We do this by producing geoscience maps, databases and information systems and by conducting regional geological and mineral systems research. Our activities also contribute to safer communities and critical infrastructure and the maintenance of fundamental gravity, geomagnetic and seismic networks.

Offshore activities focus on providing pre-competitive data and information to assist in identifying new prospective basins for petroleum exploration, and the geological storage of carbon dioxide, in Australia's offshore jurisdiction. Activities also include mapping and documentation of Australia's maritime boundaries, studies of the marine environment using seabed mapping techniques and determining estuarine water quality and health. These studies assist natural resource management.

Spatial information activities focus on providing key spatial information of Australia with an emphasis on response to rapid and slow onset hazards, the detection of change, emergency management requirements, natural risk assessment and marine zone management. Activities also include coordinating the implementation of the Australian Government's policy on spatial data access and pricing.

Access the Data

Contents of the Data

Examples of the satellite data provided:

  • boundaries, graticule/grid
  • petroleum exploration, petroleum reserves, seismics
  • geodesy