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About HitCompanies


The HitCompanies website provides access to a free database of detailed information on businesses. You can search the database and quickly design, review and download custom lists of companies. You can find and list companies by what they do, where they are located or even by the customers, partners, or investors that they have. The database is highly structured, easy and quick to use.

HitCompanies gathers this information via their Internet crawlers. When the crawlers find a company website, they automatically create a profile from the information available on the website and keep it up to date. Coverage is currently limited to companies with an English language website.

Access the Data

Categories of Data and Additional Tools

The business information results include:

  • Company name and aliases
  • Company description
  • Industry tags
  • Industry codes
  • Registration numbers, addresses, phone numbers
  • VAT numbers
  • Website
  • Number of about/contact/management/product pages
  • Incorporation date
  • Team size
  • Number of clients and partners
  • Number of emails
  • Number of key changes (client/partner changes, contact changes, people changes)