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Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Science Data Archive.

Hubble Space Telescope Archive Overview

  • Raw (uncalibrated) and calibrated files are available for each HST dataset, as are files describing the data quality and calibration process.
  • The files in a HST dataset all share the same nine characters rootname (IPPPSSOOT).
  • Typical sizes for HST datasets belonging to different instruments are listed in the dataset size table.

Datasets pertaining to different HST instruments contain different types of files:

On The Fly Recalibration of Hubble Space Telescope Data

Until now, when users requested calibrated data from the HST archive, they received the data produced by the RSDP (Routing Science Data Processing) pipeline at the Space Telescope Science Institute. However, with instrumental properties changing with time, better approaches for calibration of some instruments have been introduced and there have been other general improvements to the calibration of HST data.

For this reason the CADC and the ST-ECF have introduced an option in the process of retrieving data from the HST archive, allowing the On The Fly Recalibration.

Our automatic process:

  • retrieves the raw data,
  • updates the header in order to reflect the current information on which reference files to use (via the CDBS database) and what calibration steps to perform (via a rule based system)
  • runs the standard calibration pipeline.

Depending on your request options, datasets recalibrated by the ST-ECF will contain:

  • - Raw and Auxiliary Files
  • rootname.c[0-9].fits - data re-calibrated on the fly
  • rootname.ecf.log - CALxxx log file
  • rootname.log - iraf overall processing log

To find out more about:

Hubble Space Telescope Archive Browsers

The following is a list of query forms currently available to access the Hubble Space Telescope Archive. Access is supplied through the WDB interface. If this is the first time you use this system please read the short WDB user guide on how to specify queries in this system.



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