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About the Irish Social Science Data Archive


The establishment, within the auspices of the Geary Institute (formerly the Institute for the Study of Social Change), of the Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA), fills a long recognised need in Ireland. ISSDA holds an ever-increasing quantity of machine-readable data from surveys and official statistics (such as the Census) and makes them readily available to users in the academic, public and commercial sectors.

Managed jointly by University College Dublin and the Economic and Social Research Institute - Ireland's largest and most experienced survey research agency - ISSDA will also has the collaboration and support of the Central Statistics Office.

Categories of Data

As the Archive grows and develops, it is envisaged that it will contain an ever-expanding range of datasets of use to the Irish social science research community. These will include:

  • CSO datasets, such as the Small Area Census Data (SAPS), the Household Budget Survey, and the Quarterly National Household Survey;
  • ESRI datasets, such as the School Leavers Survey;
  • Full election results under PR-STV, including data from all counts for all constituencies;
  • Data from the National Election Study, scheduled for release in 2004
  • International comparative datasets, such as the Eurobarometer and ISSP series.

Access the Data