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About the Lunar and Planetary Science at NSSDC


The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland is NASA's primary deep archive site for planetary and lunar data obtained from spacecraft missions (both NASA and non-NASA), as well as the primary center for distribution of planetary data and images to educators and the general public. NSSDC is also responsible for the dissemination of photographic products to NASA and non-NASA funded individuals. NSSDC complements the work of two other groups in validating, archiving, and disseminating planetary and lunar data: the Planetary Data System (PDS) and the Regional Planetary Image Facilities (RPIFs).

Access the Data

Contents of the Data

Flight Mission Information

  • Chronology of Lunar and Planetary Exploration
  • Information by Project
  • Selected Planetary Mission information from the NSSDC Master Catalog

Data Services

  • Image Resources
  • Multimedia Catalog

Related Information Services

  • NSSDC Master Catalog: Detailed information about data held at NSSDC
  • Planetary and Lunar Online Books
  • Planetary Fact Sheets