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About the MedPhys Files

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The MedPhys Files is a website intended to supplement existing medical physics resources. It is an easy and informal way to share your work with others.

Access the Software

Contents of the Software

Categories of software listed are:

  • Brachytherapy - HDR, LDR, and implants.
  • Diagnostic Imaging - MR, CT, ultrasound, mammography, etc.
  • Educational - ABR certification, graduate programs, and clinical residencies.
  • Linear Accelerators - Commissioning, calibration, and QA of linacs, IMRT, IGRT, treatment planning systems, etc.
  • Nuclear Medicine - PET, Spect, radioisotope production, internal dosimetry, etc.
  • Other - Anything not listed.
  • Presentations - Radiation safety, topic overviews, any miscellaneous presentations.
  • Treatment Planning - External beam treatment planning systems and MU check tools.