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MultiDrizzle automates and simplifies the detection of cosmic-rays and the combination of dithered observations using the Python scripting language and PyRAF, the Python-based interface to IRAF. MultiDrizzle was developed by the Science Software Branch at the Space Telescope Science Institute.


A new Multidrizzle Handbook is being written to describe the algorithms used by Multidrizzle, to provide instructions on how to run MultiDrizzle, and to describe the parameters used by MultiDrizzle. Currently, the primary material used for this new Handbook can be found on the [Multidrizzle Handbook wiki], along with additional material which did not get included in the print version being prepared now. PLEASE NOTE: The material on this wiki may be updated at any time, and may not always be entirely accurate as it gets updated.


Up to date news about the use and development of MultiDrizzle can be found on the [MultiDrizzle Blog].


MultiDrizzle v3.2.1 can be downloaded as the STSCI_PYTHON package from the STSCI_PYTHON download page. This package provides all the necessary code for running MultiDrizzle from Python without IRAF, STSDAS or PyRAF. The IRAF interface gets provided by the Dither package in the release of STSDAS Version 3.9.


  • Multidrizzle REQUIRES the use of numpy version 1.0 (or greater). Numpy should have been installed with PyRAF, but if not, can be downloaded from the numpy development site.
  • MultiDrizzle relies on features of [Python] 2.4 for its implementation.
  • Parameter handling gets done by the 'traits' package from SciPy, which relies on PMW for building the GUIs when only using the Python interface for MultiDrizzle without PyRAF.
  • The interface used by MultiDrizzle to call the 'drizzle' tasks directly from Python get built using F2C.
  • MultiDrizzle uses PyRAF to control the operation of IRAF tasks and to setup a parameter-based interface. OPTIONAL:This is only necessary for providing the IRAF EPAR interface.
  • STSDAS Version 3.3 and later versions automatically load Python tasks and packages found in the STSDAS tree, including MultiDrizzle. OPTIONAL:This is only necessary for providing the IRAF EPAR interface.

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