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About the National Archive of Datasets


Databases have become the record-keeping method of choice for many departments in central government, and database management systems are used to gather, store and analyse large amounts of statistical information. This information that ultimately influences and affects policy and legislation at the highest level. So the databases stored and preserved by NDAD are important evidence of the decision-making processes of UK government.

The data remains in the legal custody of The National Archives, but is managed by University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) . NDAD preserves this important data from the ravages of time and technology, and makes it freely available on the web.

By interrogating NDAD's datasets for yourself, you can analyse information and statistics gathered from a wide variety of departments and subjects (health, education, housing, crime, nature). We believe we are currently unique in the UK in offering this online querying facility for archived datasets.

Access the Data

Contents of the Data

The main topics covered by the data are:

  • Agricultural Departments
    • Agricultural and Horticultural Census
    • Internal Drainage Board Database
    • Coast Protection Survey of England
    • Bovine TB
  • Coast Protection Survey of England
    • Original survey (1994)
    • 1995 update
    • 1996 update
    • 1997 update
    • Lookup table for principal type of land use