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The NYTimes has made its website accessible via APIs. The NYTimes has made its entire vault accessible, which includes news since 1851.


The various APIs made available:

  • Newswire API - Get an up-to-the-minute stream of article links and metadata.
  • TimesPeople API - Get TimesPeople profile and activity data.
  • Article Search API - Search Times articles from 1981 to today.
  • Best Sellers API - Get data from all New York Times best-seller lists, including rank history for specific best sellers.
  • Congress API
    • includes Committee data
    • Senate nomination votes, Member lists and member bio/role responses now include first_name, middle_name and last_name elements
    • Roll-call vote responses now include member positions and vacant seats.
    • JSON is supported.
    • In member list requests, you can now specify a state and district.

Visit the API interface