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About the Oracle Berkeley DB


Oracle Berkeley DB is the industry-leading open source, embeddable, key-value database that provides developers with fast, reliable, local persistence with zero administration. Oracle Berkeley DB is a library that links directly into your application. Your application makes simple function calls, rather than sending messages to a remote server, eliminating the performance penalty of client-server architectures. Oracle Berkeley DB eliminates the overhead of SQL query processing, enabling applications with predictable access patterns to run faster.

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Listed on the website:

  • Extreme Performance—eliminates client-server communication and SQL processing delays for applications with static access patterns
  • High Reliability and Availability—full transactional semantics ensures data integrity and recovery from failures, and replication provides high availability and scalability
  • Zero Administration—applications perform database administration, eliminating the need for a DBA and allowing continuous, unattended operation
  • Low TCO—extreme performance reduces hardware costs and being embedded eliminates DBA costs