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About StarView


StarView is an astronomical database browser and research analysis tool. Developed in Java, StarView provides an easy to use, highly capable user interface that runs on any Java enabled platform as a standalone application.

Access the Data

Starview's homepage

Contents of the Data

The main tasks starview is used for are:

  • Searching the MAST archive for scientific data including HST and FUSE data.
  • Examining the calibrations used for a particular data set
  • Looking at proposal information for past HST projects

New Version 7.3

This new Java-version of StarView fully replaces the previous versions of StarView and XStarView. In addition to all of the old functionality, this new version of StarView provides new and improved interfaces and abilities including:

  • More powerful Cross Qualification (the ability to use the results of one search to drive another)
  • Tabular views of all matching records
  • Improved export capabilities
  • Improved import capabilities
  • Improved form customization
  • Now in Java...more platform independence