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About the UCI Machine Learning Repository


The UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository is hosted by the Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems at UC Irvine. They maintain data as a service to the machine learning community. You may view all data sets through their searchable interface. They accept dataset donations, please consult their donation policy.

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Contents of the Data

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As of this writing, there are 189 datasets on the UCI Machine Learning Repository. They are not categorized, but there's a listing of the most popular datasets (in terms of hits since 2007):

  • Iris - Famous database; from Fisher, 1936
  • Adult - Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census data. Also known as "Census Income" dataset.
  • Wine - Using chemical analysis determine the origin of wines
  • Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) - Diagnostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database
  • Abalone - Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements
  • Poker Hand - Purpose is to predict poker hands
  • Car Evaluation - Derived from simple hierarchical decision model, this database may be useful for testing constructive induction and structure discovery methods.
  • Forest Fires - This is a difficult regression task, where the aim is to predict the burned area of forest fires, in the northeast region of Portugal, by using meteorological and other data
  • Yeast - Predicting the Cellular Localization Sites of Proteins
  • Internet Advertisements - This dataset represents a set of possible advertisements on Internet pages.
  • Bag of Words - This data set contains five text collections in the form of bags-of-words.
  • SPECT Heart - Data on cardiac Single Proton Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) images. Each patient classified into two categories: normal and abnormal.

Please visit the website to see all the datasets!