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About the US States Data


The following are links to the open data collections of the United States of America (USA) state governments and some of their corresponding cities. As of 2011, there is a world-wide trend to put high quality governmental data to promote clear and accountable government practices, so hopefully further collections will be listed as the trend spreads.

If there are new sources of online government data, please feel free to register for an account and contribute your links. Kudos for you if you do so!

Access the Data


Cook County in Illinois

Seattle in Washington

Dataset Contents

Since each state/city is allowed to decide what data to upload, the contents are variable. Here is an example of the datasets that can be found:

  • Expenditures Allowance by Budget Control Level
  • Active Business License Data Active business
  • Neighborhood Matching Funds
  • Downtown Bike Racks (Seattle)
  • Bills Signed by Governors
  • Expenditures: Agencies
  • Oregon's Boating Access Facilities
  • State of Oregon Social Media Sites
  • Recorder of Deeds - Foreclosure Maps
  • Comptroller - Annual Salaries
  • Recorder of Deeds - Mortgages Data Set