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About UUorld


Our mission is to transform information into knowledge by providing a map-making and data-visualization tool. To get you started, we collected and made available a rich and wide-ranging collection of statistics, available for loading into our applications.

Our visualization engine is a robust, user-friendly software package that enables the easy creation of interactive maps from any data that has a time and a place for quick comprehension of regional and global trends. The software enables you to create a variety of image and video formats suitable for redistribution and designed to enhance existing communication and presentation tools.

UUorld collaborates with organizations, corporations, and individuals to provide visualizations of custom data.

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What is UUorld?

UUorld (pronounced "world") provides an immersive mapping environment, high-quality data, and critical analysis tools.

Great explanations are unfortunately scarce, but UUorld makes them easier to achieve through interactive four-dimensional maps. Our solution has three simple parts:

  • Draw on extensive, organized data.
  • Explore and grasp complex patterns through intuitive visual analytics.
  • Deliver new insight with compelling images and video.
  • We think you'll find four-dimensional mapping delivers results because the medium exposes the spatial and *temporal context inherent to nearly all data.