Vancouver’s Open Data Catalogue

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About Vancouver's Open Data Catalogue

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By freely sharing its data in accessible formats — while respecting privacy and security concerns — Vancouver is joining many government agencies in moving to harness the energy and involvement of citizens, community-based organizations and private businesses in everything from creative community problem-solving to the development of new service delivery ideas and solutions.

Access the Data

Contents of the Data

As of this writing (10/26/2009) the website posts geospatial data — data used to build VanMap. Over time, this data catalogue will continue to grow as more types of data are added in a greater variety of formats.

Currently listed categories include:

  • C
    • Community Centres
    • Contour
  • D
    • Drinking fountains
  • F
    • Facet grid boundaries
    • Fire Halls
  • G
    • Garbage collection schedule zones
  • L
    • Land (cadastral)
    • Libraries
    • Local area boundary data
  • M
    • Municipal Election Results
  • O
    • Orthophoto imagery
  • P
    • Parks
  • S
    • Schools
    • Sewer network
    • Street lights
  • T
    • Truck route data
  • V
    • Voting division boundaries
  • W
    • Water network