Carbon Sequestration Atlas

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Carbon Sequestration Atlas


A set of data describing geological sources for carbon sequestration such as deep saline formations.

National Carbon Explorer

The process of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) involves identifying sources that produce CO2 and sinks where the CO2 can be stored. These web pages present interactive maps and background information on the process of storing CO2.

The complete atlas is available from the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

NatCarb Project

The NatCarb Project's goal is to create a national view of carbon sequestration by linking regionally managed databases. The main site includes the original NatCarb Interactive Map, a more robust and frequently updated version of the maps.

The datasets are hosted by Kansas Geological Survey for NatCarb. The project was funded by U.S. Dept. of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory.


These GIS data files used in creating the 2008 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada:

Online Maps

A Google map of carbon generators and sequestration sites may be viewed at:

The original NatCarb interactive map features more tools for interacting with the data.