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Provided by the National Space Science Data Center, the following types of datasets are available:

General Image Services

  • Multimedia Catalog
  • NSSDC Photo Gallery
  • Catalog of Spacebourne Imaging

Specialized Image Services


  • Cassini images
  • Chiron Perihelion Campaign Image Archive
  • Deep Impact Images
  • Mars Pathfinder
  • Mars Rover "Spirit" images
  • Mars Rover "Opportunity" images
  • NEAR flyby of Asteroid 253 Mathilde
  • Shoemaker-Levy 9 Image Archive


  • Sample Solar Data
  • Stereo Solar Images

Data Visualization

  • Visual and Technical Arts Laboratory

Other NASA Data Archive/Service Centers

Ames Research Center

  • Neurolab Online

Dryden Flight Research Center

  • Dryden Aircraft Photo Collection

Goddard Space Flight Center

  • SeaWiFS Ocean Color Image Gallery
  • Current solar images at SDAC
  • "Best of" SOHO images
  • Scientific Visualization Studio

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Shuttle Imaging Radar
  • Comet Observations
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Planetary Photojournal

Johnson Space Center

  • JSC Digital Image Collection
  • Life Science Data Archive Photo Gallery
  • Glenn Research Center
  • Expendable rockets and launches

Marshall Space Flight Center

  • Global Hydrology and Climate Center

NASA Headquarters

  • Great Images in NASA

NASA Scientific and Technical Information Program

  • NASA Image Exchange

Planetary Data System

  • Welcome to the Planets
  • Geosciences Node
  • Imaging Node

Space Telescope Science Institute

  • Office of Public Outreach

Access the Data