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The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System (STSDAS) is software for calibrating and analyzing data from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). STSDAS includes the same calibration routines as are used in the STScI operational data processing pipeline, as well as general-purpose tools and enhancements to the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (IRAF). IRAF provides the user interface (command language, or CL) and general purpose graphic and image display facilities. Because STSDAS is layered on IRAF, the system runs on any computing platform for which an IRAF port is available, including most Unix systems. STSDAS can also be used with PyRAF.

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The tasks (programs) in TABLES are grouped by function into three packages: fitsio, tbplot and ttools. Loading the tables package makes all the tasks in these three packages available for use.

The fitsio package contains tasks for working with FITS files. For example, catfits displays information about the extensions in a FITS file, optionally including a complete listing of the headers.

The tbplot package contains igi and sgraph, tasks for plotting tables, but they can also plot images or text tables. igi is interactive (but can execute a script) and very flexible. sgraph is simpler to use and the default values can be changed for added versatility.

The ttools package contains of order 50 tasks for working with tables.

The programming interface included with TABLES provides functions for opening and closing tables, and reading or wrtiting header or data values. Supported tables formats are BINTABLE extensions in a FITS file, STSDAS table format, and plain ASCII files in row/column format. FITS table I/O makes use of the CFITSIO interface from HEASARC, a copy of which is included in the TABLES library. The library provides an SPP interface, a programming language specific to IRAF, which was designed for creating IRAF tasks. A Fortran interface library is also provided for most of the I/O functions. In the STSDAS package there is a C interface to TABLES (and to several other packages in IRAF and STSDAS), which can be used for creating either host Unix programs or native IRAF tasks, written in C.

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The current version of STSDAS/TABLES is 3.9 (November 2008).

Before You Begin...

STSDAS runs in the IRAF environment. If you do not already have IRAF installed on your local system, you will need to get and install IRAF before installing STSDAS. If you do not have IRAF, you can retrieve it from the IRAF web site at NOAO.

STSDAS v3.9 was built and tested under IRAF 2.14, except for the Solaris version, which was build an tested under IRAF v2.12.2a.

Binaries for TABLES/STSDAS v3.9 are currently available for the following platforms:

  • Solaris
  • Redhat
  • Macintosh OSX with PowerPC CPU
  • Macintosh OSX with Intel x86 CPU
  • Users of all other platforms should do a source installation following the directions available in the doc directory of stsdas and tables and from the links below.
  • Complete installation instructions and information for system administrators is provided in the PDF file, STSDAS Site Manager's Installation Guide and Reference].

Please register your site as an STSDAS user when you install the software.

If you have any problems with the installation or software retrieval, contact the STScI Help Desk:


Note: Binary installations require installing the source first. Make sure you download the source as well. STSDAS v3.9

STSDAS SOURCE - All sites should install source files first. - ( 23 MB)


MacOSX (PPC) - built on Mac OS X v10.4 - (107 MB) MacOSX (Intel) - built on Mac OS X v10.4 - (107 MB) Redhat - built on Redhat Enterprise 3 - (85 MB) Solaris 5.8 - built on Solaris 5.8 - (91 MB)


TABLES SOURCE - All sites should install the source files first. - ( 5 MB) Binaries

MacOSX (PPC) - built on Mac OS X v10.4 - (10 MB) MacOSX (Intel) - built on Mac OS X v10.4 - (10 MB) Redhat - built on RedHat Enterprise 3 - (6 MB) Solaris - built on Solaris 5.8 - (6 MB)

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