International Women’s Day

Thanks to Google’s ngrams project page I have wasted my scarce spare hours looking at micro trends in literature. A couple of months ago, the Google ngrams project presented a database of all the words from Google’s extensive book collection. Making the books freely available presents copyright issues, but a database of word frequency in …


Python data-mining and pattern recognition packages

The Python language has become one of the premier computational languages for scientific research on account of its many useful in-built data handling methods. Additionally, there are a number of science-oriented packages that rival industry-standard computational packages (I’m mainly thinking of Matlab). The most popular add-on Python science packages are NumPy and SciPy. Python has …


Functional wiki!

I have just completed the installation of the wiki engine a la Wikipedia. I am still working to customize the interface a little. However, the time-consuming task of creating wiki pages for the datasets of the world is first priority. Won’t you join in and help me by adding to the collection of dataset pages?